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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General. I am proud of the work that we do for this commonwealth.  Our goal is to protect how your tax dollars are spent and ensure that government operates efficiently and effectively.

If you have any questions about this department or this website, please contact us.

Meet the Senior Staff

  • Auditor General
    Eugene DePasquale
  • Chief of Staff/Deputy Auditor General for Administration
    Suzanne Itzko
  • Chief Counsel
    Victoria Madden
  • Deputy Auditor General for External Affairs
    Elizabeth Wagenseller
  • Deputy Auditor General for Audits
    John Lori
  • Communications Director
    Barry Ciccocioppo

The auditor general has been the commonwealth's fiscal watchdog since 1809, when it was created by an act of the General Assembly. The auditor general was appointed by the governor until 1850, when the position became an elected office.

Auditors general were elected to serve three-year terms until 1909, when a constitutional amendment increased the terms to four years. Eugene DePasquale is Pennsylvania's 51st elected auditor general.