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If you are knowledgeable in accounting and business procedures and like interacting with people, you may find a career as a government auditor very rewarding. As an employee with the Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General, you will be a member of a team that audits state government agencies and other organizations that receive state funds.

School districts, nursing homes, police pension plans, correctional institutions, volunteer fire relief associations, and district justice offices are some of the entities you may audit.

In addition to examining financial records, you may also evaluate the performance results of a program or activity. Although work methods are governed by specific standard procedures, you will be encouraged to use your creative abilities analyzing problems and developing recommended solutions.


A bachelor's degree in accounting or in a discipline related to the department's audit objectives is preferred. Knowledge of accounting/auditing principles and methods, as well as the ability to comprehend laws and regulations, is preferred. Effective communications skills are essential to presenting clear and concise oral and written reports. All employees are expected to establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues and the public.


If you enjoy being in the forefront of information technology issues, a position as an information systems auditor will provide you with a stimulating and challenging career. An information systems auditor conducts audits of commonwealth computer installations, assists audit bureaus when automation has a major impact on a financial audit, designs and uses audit software for random statistical samples, and designs audit trails and security and recovery techniques for automated systems. Information systems auditors may also serve as consultants for information technology auditing issues affecting the audit bureaus.


A bachelor's degree in computer science and accounting or an equivalent combination of education and experience in accounting or auditing is preferred. In addition, knowledge of computer installation and operation, audit software design and use, and security and recovery techniques is recommended.


The position of corporate tax officer allows you to apply your accounting skills toward a career in the highly specialized field of state and federal corporate taxes. This requires analyzing and examining state corporate tax reports to determine tax liabilities. As a tax officer, you will analyze balance sheets, income statements, and other financial documents relevant to the tax reports.

Although a body of regulations governs tax work, application of tax law requires judgment and interpretation. Tax officers may also be asked to represent the auditor general at appeal hearings that involve corporate tax settlements.


A bachelor's degree with major course work in accounting or business administration and one year of accounting experience relating to federal and state corporate tax laws is preferred. Knowledge of accounting/auditing principles and methods, as well as state and federal corporate tax laws, is also preferred. You must be able to perform detailed work involving financial data and to correspond with taxpayers on technical matters. You must also be able to maintain effective working relationships with corporate representation and tax consultants.


The Office of Special Investigations (OSI) is an independent unit within the Department of the Auditor General that investigates allegations of waste, fraud, and abuse in programs supported by state funding.  The sources of the allegations include citizen complaints, referrals from other government agencies, and referrals from the Department’s audit bureaus.  OSI refers its findings to law enforcement agencies for criminal investigation or to other government agencies responsible for taking corrective action.  In recent years, several individuals have been successfully prosecuted, and a few imprisoned, as a result of OSI’s work.

OSI’s staff consists of experienced fraud investigators and auditors.  They must be capable of collecting and organizing documents, conducting interviews and surveillance, analyzing financial records, writing reports and referrals, and testing compliance with applicable laws.  They must become familiar with the policies and administration of the government programs under investigation, as well as laws and other standards governing such diverse areas as contracting, government ethics, and accounting.  They must work closely with the Department’s legal staff and audit bureaus, as well as other government agencies.  They must also testify, as needed, as witnesses in trials and administrative hearings.


Although college-level and advanced coursework in criminal justice, law enforcement, law (especially criminal law, evidence, and contracts), and accounting are preferred, comparable work experience and education will be considered.  In addition, particular emphasis will be placed on analytical, communications (oral and written), interviewing, and computer skills.


Computer technology is essential to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Department of the Auditor General. The Office of Management Information Systems (MIS) is responsible for the implementation and administration of the department's computer technology. Within MIS, there are numerous technical opportunities that include application developers, local area network (LAN) administrators, support staff and computer operation support staff.


A working knowledge of computers, including current programming languages and topologies, is necessary for all positions in MIS. In addition, some education or related experience is required.


Not all positions in the Department of the Auditor General require an accounting background. The department has numerous career opportunities for administrative assistants, administrative officers, clerical supervisors, clerks, communications specialists, personnel assistants and secretaries.


The Department of the Auditor General offers interesting work assignments and the opportunity to travel throughout Pennsylvania. It also offers excellent benefits such as hospital/medical, dental, vision and prescription benefits for employees and eligible dependents, group life insurance, mental health/ substance abuse benefits, family and medical leave, paid holidays, paid annual and sick leave, a retirement plan, and professional certifications incentive programs. In some instances, employment with the Department of the Auditor General is considered appropriate experience for licensure as a certified public accountant.


The Department of the Auditor General is committed to policies providing equal opportunity for everyone. Accordingly, all employment decisions are made without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religious creed, age, sex, ancestry, union membership, sexual orientation, national origin or disability. In addition, department employees are bound by a code of conduct that prohibits any form of harassment, including sexual harassment.


The Department of the Auditor General's audit findings have led to improvements in the way the Department of Health responds to nursing home complaints, identified millions of dollars that school districts can redirect to the classroom for teaching and learning and have made a difference in the lives of many working families, school students and older Pennsylvanians.